Saturday, September 8, 2012

FoSiM: More subtle anti-Alternatives Propaganda.

I recently tried to post a comment on the Choice Magazine website.

They've published an anti-Chiropractic article without declaring their interets. Very poor form.

Both Choice and the author are members of FoSiM.
Seems they got their little mates to write comments.. Couldn't place one [Linda J]

I've written a comment to them about 'disclosure'...

Karina Bray    BSc MEnvStud, Senior Health Content Producer, Choice
ORG    Choice

as are many of the commentors:

Ken McLeod    Co-founder, Stop the AVN, Australian Skeptic of the Year 2010 Award

Dr Ken Harvey    MBBS FRCPA, Chair of the Governing Council of Health Action International, Asia Pacific (HAIAP), Latrobe University

Prof Chris B Del Mar    MA MBBChir MD FRACGP FAFPHM, Professor of public health, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University

and 'John' could well be:
Emeritus Prof John M Dwyer    AO PhD FRACP FRCPI, Doc Uni (Hon) ACU. Emeritus Professor of Medicine University of New South Wales, Founder of the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance, Clinical consultant to the NSW Government’s Inter- Agency committee on Health Care fraud

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