Friday, September 28, 2012

I2P: Challenging The Conventional Wisdom

Australia is many "Countries where they do things differently", not one uniform society, especially in things Medical.

This was brought home to me forcefully this week seeing a storefront in Moss Vale, NSW:
Pharmacist Advice: "Helping manage your medication, Helping you stay healthy"
In the 1960's I lived for a time in a small town in Far North Queensland. The first-call for small-boy medical adventures (ticks, tropical infections, wounds, burns, ...) was the Pharmacy and Ambulance station. Not Hospital Casualty nor the GP.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

FoSiM: More subtle anti-Alternatives Propaganda.

I recently tried to post a comment on the Choice Magazine website.

They've published an anti-Chiropractic article without declaring their interets. Very poor form.

FoSiM: Definitive Proof of systemic bias/prejudice against Alternative Medicine/Therapies

Here's incontrovertible evidence that FoSiM are not interested in "Science in Medicine", but specifically in attacking practitioners they don't approve of. They are "Doctors against Alternative Medicine" [DAAM].

There has been no mention/coverage of this piece of science on the DAAM/FoSiM website, even though it was done by one of their own senior members, Braitwaite.
CareTrack: assessing the appropriateness of health care delivery in Australia, 20-Jul-2012.
Conclusions: Although there were pockets of excellence and some aspects of care were well managed across health care providers, the consistent delivery of appropriate care needs improvement, and gaps in care should be addressed. There is a need for national agreement on clinical standards and better structuring of medical records to facilitate the delivery of more appropriate care.
There was a related MJA editorial (I can't see) by Chirs Del Mar, one of the Skeptic/DAAM heavy-weights.
A dog walking on its hind legs? Implications of the CareTrack study.
Despite its limitations, this important study highlights a genuine need for systematised performance monitoring
No mention on the DAAM/FoSiM site of this study, though there is a lot of other activity since 20-Jul-2012.