Saturday, January 26, 2013

Computer Security for Business Continuity in Healthcare-related Businesses

If you run a Healthcare-realted Business, things changed in the last 6 months...
Ransomware is set to boom [0] and cyber-security is now part of our National Security Plan.
Upd: Gartner has a report on CyberInsurance. Mandiant will give you complimentary copy.

Businesses now have to secure their computers and data just as they secure their premises and goods.

Ask yourself this: "If my computers were destroyed, how long could I continue the business? At reduced capacity or at all?", then act accordingly.

The Internet is defined by its explosive growth: A few For-Profit hackers have noticed Business Ransomware is an ideal way to monetise remote computer attacks & exploits.
Expect these attacks to double every few months now. In a year they will be endemic.

Every business that can raise $5,000 and relies on its systems and data for daily operations is now in their sights.